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Wi-Fi Camera FAQs

How do I set up a Best Buy account?

Signing into a free Best Buy account is required for remote access and to keep your data secure. For detailed instructions, watch this setup video.

Why can't the app find the Wi-Fi Camera?

How do I enable night vision mode?

Your camera activates night vision automatically as the environment becomes dark. It may take up to 10 minutes for the camera to activate or deactivate night vision.

How is the micro SD card used for recording videos?

The micro SD card is used as a backup in case the Wi-Fi network or internet goes offline. Once Wi-Fi connectivity is resumed, the captured motion events are uploaded to the cloud and will be accessible in your app. All files on the card are encrypted for security and you cannot view captured files directly from the SD card.

What does the LED indicator mean?

How do I reset my camera?

Need more help? Watch the reset video.

  1. Download any motion clips you want to keep to your phone.
  2. Delete the camera from the CONNECT app under the pencil edit tool.
  3. Remove the plastic cover on the back of your camera.
  4. Using the included reset tool (or a metal paper clip), press and hold the reset button for five seconds. The camera announces "reset successful."
  5. Follow the Wi-Fi pairing instructions in your Setup Guide.

How can I check the Wi-Fi signal strength where my camera is located?

How many Wi-Fi cameras can I connect?

You can connect as many cameras as you want, as long as your Wi-Fi network can support it.

Why is the live video not playing back smoothly?

Why is the app not showing the live video or showing a blank screen?

Why is the app showing a spinning circle instead of the thumbnail view or the live view?

There may be a network issue or latency in the cloud connection. Exiting the live view screen and returning to the live view screen may resolve the issue. In some cases, the CONNECT app may need to be restarted.

How do I save a clip from the camera to my phone?

Select the video clip you want to save, then tap Download Clip.

How do I listen to live camera audio?

Audio capture is turned off by default. You can an enable it from the settings screen. Once enabled, you can monitor and record audio along with video.

How do I send audio to the camera to speak with someone remotely?

In the live view screen, press and hold the Microphone button and speak. Release the button to send the audio to the camera.

Why is there a clicking sound coming from the camera?

When the light level changes, an internal filter moves in front of the camera lens to turn night vision on or off, creating a clicking sound. The filter also moves when the camera is first turned on or reset.

Why is the time stamp on the live video different from current time?

Make sure the time zone in the CONNECT app is set to match your camera's local time zone. Under the main menu on the upper left, select your home, then tap Edit to set the time zone.
Note: You may have to switch the time zone to a different zone and back to the local time zone for the setting to take effect.

How do I magnify or zoom a captured video?

Zooming inside the app is not possible. However, you may download the clip to your mobile phone to play from your local phone storage and zoom in the video there.

How do I disable the night vision LED?

The night vision LED is controlled automatically based on the available ambient light. It cannot be manually turned on or off.

Why isn't there any obvious motion in some of the captured clips?

The motion detection may have been triggered by movement of trees or plants in the wind. Adjust your camera's view by tilting it slightly to avoid areas with a lot of plants or trees if possible. Also, movement of shadows from trees or clouds on the ground or objects the camera is pointed at can sometimes cause a motion trigger.

How do I set up homes and rooms in the CONNECT app?

You can set up multiple homes and rooms to control your smart devices in groups. For detailed instructions, watch this setup video.